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Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions co-operates with top level University Lecturers on Ayurvedic Medicine who are internationally recognized- and facilitates regular seminars for western professionals who want both – a first hand impression on treatments and scientifically founded explanations to the Vedic medical approach.

Lectures and discussions on complementary and alternative treatment methods based on the Vedic teachings, are an ideal postgraduate course for specialists and medical practitioners in general. The level of these Symposia is targeted at Physicians who want to take their treatment approach one step further and understand the mechanisms underlying the bio-energetic dynamics in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ayurveda has a proven record of complementing standard school medicine treatments. Particularly chronic ailments, auto-immune deficiencies and psychosomatic problems have a long track record of alleviating and also curing ailments which are regarded as incurable in other medical concepts.


For further information please contact the Jetwing Management who will gladly update you on the upcoming Lectures and Congresses or alternatively organize a seminar on your topic of interest