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3 to 7 Day Treatment

Within only a few days of experiencing the Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka, a turning point in your bio-energetic functions can be brought about to induce a new body awareness of a relaxed and luxurious feeling.

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3 – 7 Day Treatments
  • 3 Day Soft Ayurveda
  • 5 Day Wellness  Delight
  • 7 Day Beauty Care
  • 7 Day Health Care



The above treatments include:

  • Daily free consultation by our Ayurveda physicians
  • Daily 2.30hrs Ayurveda treatment in your own villa or in  the Ayurveda centre (all treatments will be offered after doctor’s consultation)
  • Internal & external medicines
  • Daily yoga session
  • One music therapy session (5 night onward)
  • One cookery demonstration (5 night onward)
  • Ayurveda awareness programme
  • Pool exercise Programme
  • One meditation session per week
  • One hotel garden visit to identify herbal trees (once a week)
  • Medical report at the end of the programme


Tangible results of a 3 – 7 day programme:


• Invigorated body dynamics
• Stress relief
• Relief of insomnia
• Improvement in general health condition
• Rejuvenated glow in complexion and radiance