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10-30 days treatment

For curative processes and in-depth preventive care measures, comprising detoxification and the subsequent balancing & strengthening of your bio energies, we recommend a longer therapeutic process at our Ayurveda spa in Sri Lanka

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Panchakarma is the basis of every in-depth treatment process

Panchakarma is a series of primary purification and detoxification treatments. The importance of Panchakarma in Ayurveda is fundamental because it is applicable to all cases, covering a wide range of preventive, curative and promotive conditions.
The full treatment process requires a duration of 30 days.
For patients who only have a limited amount of time, a reduced series of Panchakarma treatments is used to support the curative and preventive programme for each individual body type.

This includes

• Daily Free Consultation by our Ayurveda Physicians
• Daily 2.30hrs Ayurveda treatment in your own villa or in Ayurveda centre (all treatments will be offered after doctor’s consultation)
• Internal & External medicines
• Daily yoga session
• One music therapy session
• One cookery demonstration
• Ayurveda awareness program
• Pool Exercise Program
• 01 Meditation session per week
• 01 Hotel garden visit to identify herbal trees (once a week)
• Medical report at the end of the program