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Unsere Ärzte gehören zu den anerkanntesten medizinischen Kapazitäten in Sri Lanka.
24 Stunden Ärzte Standby- Dienst –Fachärzte stehen an Werktagen für spezifische Probleme zur Verfügung.

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Jetwing has made it its task, to upgrade the standard Sri Lanka Ayurvedic treatment by forming a specialist network-team of the most renowned doctors in Sri Lanka. This ensures that specific ailments can be treated with utmost precision as is common practice in Ayurvedic hospitals.

Particularly chronic diseases, auto-immune deficiencies and ailments, where western medical treatments have reached their limits are approached from a totally different angle and there is a long track record of successful treatment results.

  • External Physicians
  • In-House Doctors (Ayurveda)
  • Music Therapy
  • Yoga & Meditation

External Physicians


In-house doctors (Ayurveda)


Music Therapy


Yoga & Meditation