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Depending on the duration of your stay, we have designed packages that feature authentic Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka, with a special focus on your particular health issue, may it be preventive or curative or for beauty care.

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Your health is our priority, and harmony is all you deserve. Our range of treatments vary in terms of focus and length, however all are created with the intention of wellbeing.

The soft Ayurveda programme lasts 3 days, and is designed to aid relaxation, ease tension and energize. If you wish to simply unwind, and rid yourself of stress, opt for the 5 day Wellness package, or if you require something a little stronger, why not utilise the best in natural medicine with our 7 day Healthcare package – which boosts your life through balancing of dosha.

The ultimate in healing, and ridding your body of toxic substances and poisons require a commitment, and our Detoxification/ Panchakarma Programme is exactly that – lasting 14 to 30 days, which will leave you feeling reborn and revitalised.

3 to 7 Day Treatment

Within only a few days, a turning point in your bio-energetic functions can be brought about to induce a new body awareness of a relaxed and luxurious feeling...


14 to 30 Day Treatment

For curative processes and in-depth preventive care measures, comprising detoxification and the subsequent balancing...