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Ecological Initiatives

If we avoid pollution and waste of energy, it will result in a greener reputation which will be to the benefit of all Sri Lankans. (Hiran Cooray, Chairman of Jetwing Hotels)

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In view of increasing environmental concerns, at the beginning of 1990, the Jetwing Group, chaired by Hiran Cooray took the initiative of being a forerunner in projects related to the sustainability of the eco-system.

As head of the biggest chain of hotels in Sri Lanka, he realized the advantages of enhancing the island’s reputation, as a clean and environment conscious country, by taking a transformative and structured approach within the entire hotel chain in 1991. This resulted in the creation of some truly sustainable eco resorts in Sri Lanka.

The chronology of “Green” credentials within the Jetwing hotel and tourism operations were soon followed by neighbouring hotels and resulted in a major shift in environmental consciousness in the Sri Lankan tourism trade.