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Corporate Green Concept

Jetwing has made it their policy to initiate state of the art sustainable environmental techniques and to encourage neighbouring hotels to follow this path.

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Our achievements so far in keeping with the concept of a green hotel in Sri Lanka:

Introduction of treatment plant for sewage – which ultimately made a vast difference in the water quality on the beaches.

Recruitment of engineers and naturalists, to form a task force on transforming the entire hotel chain by taking a critical look at every aspect of the hotel and tourism operations and providing modern solutions such as:

  • Hot water boilers fuelled by biomass – specifically cinnamon wood waste which proved to be extremely beneficial for both farmers and the reduction of energy consumption of the hotel chain.
  • Designing the newer hotels to be completely solar powered and with the help of a diesel-transformer, selling the surplus back to the grid. This resulted in an enormous cost saving for the company and will also have an impact on Sri Lanka as a whole.
  • Lighting has reduced the power demand curve by switching from incandescent to CFL to LED bulbs.
  • The new hotels are all designed to make maximum use of cross ventilation – through drafts which keep the main spaces cool, without air conditioning.
  • Jetwing is now pioneering into air conditioning via reverse absorption chillers – essentially a form of heat exchange – driven by steam from the biomass boiler.