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Ayurveda Pavilions

A haven of comfort and serenity within locally inspired open air architecture, reminiscent of a traditional Sri Lankan village. Offering holistic healing by way of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka resorts such as Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions are uniquely designed to provide an optimal symbiosis for recreational and curative measures; particularly when it comes to functionality and privacy during and after treatments.

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At Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, every treatment is different – personalised to your needs in your own villa, and to your body constitution which is identified through pulse reading. Homemade body masks will be used as part of treatment, in order to maximise the use of natural healing remedies.

  • A team of the best!! Ayurvedic Specialists in the country

    Ayurvedic specialization for each healthcare segment in symbiosis with benchmarked traditional treatment concepts.

  • All inclusive treatment packages

    Treatment packages for tangible results adapted to your time frame. The ignition for a new and healthy lifestyle and balanced energies.

  • Royal feeling in your own integrated treatment facilities

    Privacy and intimacy in your own secluded pavilion garden. Doctors and Therapists visit you to ensure that you are not exposed during treatments.



Queen Pavilion

An intimate villa with treatment facilities within your own secluded garden.


King Pavilion

Spacious and generous in setting within a private royal abode.



3 to 7 Day Treatment

Within only a few days, a turning point in your bio-energetic functions can be brought about to induce a new body awareness of a relaxed and luxurious feeling...


10-30 days treatment

For curative processes and in-depth preventive care measures, comprising detoxification and the subsequent ..


14 to 21 Day Treatment

For curative processes and in-depth preventive care measures, comprising detoxification and the subsequent balancing...


Ayurveda Treatment Offer

Book at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions and be entitled for fabulous Full Board + Ayurveda treatment packages, exclusively for our in-house guests



Your treatment plan is individually tailored to your body type, your bio-energetic constitution and your ailments and comprises internal and external medication.